We meet again, allergy season. Waking up with red, puffy eyes and a scratchy throat isn't exactly enjoyable. If you already have allergy symptoms like myself, but don't want to see a doctor and be prescribed to several, allergy meds, I may be able to help the both of us. 

According to WebMD, the allergy season here in Acadiana is mild to moderate (as of now). This is based on the percentage of people who have reported allergy symptoms within the last week. Allergies are due to several factors:  dust, pollen, grass, molds, and pets.

There are some ways to help relieve your allergy symptoms without having to take any drugs or live life in a big bubble. It is important to keep your house clean from dust, mold and pollen. You can do this by changing your air conditioner filter every month, vacuuming daily, and using a special detergent to deter allergies.

These are the top 5 things you should have in your allergy relief kit:

  1. Eye drops- this may help with itchy, dry, or watery eyes.
  2. Decongestants- this will help reduce your stuffiness and congestion problems due to allergies.
  3. Creams and lotions- if you are prone to allergic skin reactions, moisturizers can help itchy, dry skin and hydrocortisone creams will help relieve itchy, inflamed skin.
  4. Dust-proof pillowcase- if you are a big traveler for work, this will come in handy. You will have a way to fend off allergies wherever you spend the night.
  5. Nasal saline spray- this will help with a dry, stuffy nose.

Allergies are absolutely miserable, so let's do what we can do fend them off before it is too late!