Now patrons of bars and lovers of movies won't have to make a choice when it comes to an evening's entertainment. That is if Governor Bobby Jindal signs legislation that would allow beer sales in the state's movie theaters.

Currently five cinemas through out the state have permission to sell alcohol at their theaters. These cinemas applied for and were approved permits before the alcohol laws were changed in 1994.

Sponsors of the current legislation say they are not trying to create a bar atmosphere inside the local movie theater, but they do think it's a business and community's right to be able to offer that service. Jeff Arnold is one of the state's legislators that believes more cinemas should have the right to sell beer.

"This is allowing your local government to make a decision whether or not they want to allow this should a movie theater apply for that permit. should they be in proper zoning, should they have ordinances in place to allow this to happen."

Arnold's remarks were reported by the Louisiana Radio Network. He goes on to suggest that this law does not give theater's free reign to begin selling booze. The decision on permitting would still be left up to local governments.

Currently a bill allowing more theaters the opportunity to sell beer is awaiting a signature from Governor Bobby Jindal.