When you live in South Louisiana and travel to places that aren't South Louisiana you realize something very quickly, we view drinking a lot differently here than other parts of the country does. For many of us a cold beer at a college football game is just as essential as a foam finger and team jersey. It's not until you travel outside of Acadiana that you realize that beer and college football are segregated.

Now comes word from LSU Athletic Director Joe Alleva that LSU might be interested in joining the ranks of the Ragin Cajun's and the Louisiana- Monroe Warhawks by allowing beer sales in the general seating areas of Tiger Stadium. That practice is currently not allowed by the Southeastern Conference but according to Alleva it is not written in stone.

"We've talked about it as athletic directors. I think at some point, I don't know if it's five years from now, ten years from now, but I think at some point it's going to happen."

Alleva's comments were reported by the Louisiana Radio Network.

Those who might be opposed to beer sales in Tiger Stadium cite poor fan behavior and increased police related incidents. To those people I respectfully suggest they open their eyes and view all the booze consumption at tailgate parties. This is where the real drinking happens. Alleva addressed this concern by sighting an example that happened at another major college.

"At West Virginia, they started selling beer at their football games and the number of police related incidents actually went down."

Alcohol is permitted in club and suite areas of Tiger Stadium already. It is thought that allowing beer sales in the general seating area might actually lead to a better fan experience. This way people won't feel the need to fuel up before leaving the tailgate area and fans might actually pace themselves during the game.

It seems ironic that the NCAA makes billions of dollars from revenue generated by advertising that is paid for by beer and distilled spirit manufacturers, but are opposed to selling beer and booze at their contest. You'd think this group of hypocrites would jump at the chance to tap into beer sales as a source of revenue for "education". That is sarcasm by the way if you didn't catch it.

How do you feel about being able to buy beer at a college football game? Would it change anything about the way you enjoy the game? Would beer sales be the reason you wouldn't go? Would they be the reason you went more often? We always want to know what you're thinking.