Finding true love, a soul mate, a companion to walk down the road of life together. It is something we all long for. Many of us have been able to find our special someone and share a wonderful life of family, kids and bills together. Others are still searching for that special person that might help them be more of what they want to become.

Today we have the internet and some incredibly science based websites that match personality, likes, dislikes and other important factors making a connection easier. Back in the 80's when hair was big and technology wasn't we had video dating.

The idea is similar to internet dating. Those looking for a mate would submit a video of themselves outlining their amazing qualities and personality. The viewer would then watch the video and choose from what he or she saw.

Back in the 80's this was cool, today it is pretty scary. Watch and cringe and share with your friends, especially those who lived through the decade that was the 1980's.