Suddenly we are a nation of outlaws. Okay just so you don't choke on your doughnut this morning let me explain. This is not a law in the United States. It is a law in Japan and I am guessing something similar might be headed in this direction.

The basic premise of the law is this. Can you imagine the uproar that would come in this country if every employer had to measure and submit the waistline measurements of every employee to a government agency? That is what is going on in Japan as we speak. Corporations are being assessed big fines and forced to pay higher insurance premiums for each employee that is considered obese.

Oddly enough I understand the reasoning behind the law. To be truthful if we wanted to cut down on health care cost in this country we would have similar legislation and smoking would be against the law too. However, this is America and I do believe we have the right be as healthy or unhealthy as we choose to be.Do you even know how many calories are in a typical American meal?

The freedom to eat what we want. That is all part of the pursuit of happiness if you ask me. Since you know where I stand, where do you stand? Would you support legislation that made being fat more expensive? It sure makes for a lively discussion doesn't it?