Joe Raedle/Getty Images

City Parish President Joey Durel is a man of action. He gets things done. Sometimes the things he gets done take a very long time, like the all important Bruce Street Bridge Project which nearly crippled Acadiana's economy until its completion.  Other times his ability to move the meter is quick and effortless. Such was the case in making sure that Lafayette homeowners can now become keepers of bees.

The whole beekeeping thing came about during a conversation Joey had with a vendor at Lafayette's Horse Farm Farmer's Market. Joey was asking about having a beehive on his property to help with his fruit trees. The vendor told Joey that it was against Lafayette law to keep bees in the city. In fact such a law had been on the books for decades.

After doing a little research Joey discovered that other communities such as New York City, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and Lake Charles had provisions for beekeeping. It was time for Lafayette to regain it's buzz and "the Prime Minister" sprang into action. He presented his findings to the council and set the wheels of government into action.  Joey relayed this story to us on his weekly visit to the Bruce and the Kennel Club show this past Thursday.

Last night the City Parish Council passed a measure now making it okay for Joey and just about anybody else to have a beehive. Certain restrictions apply and I am sure after the first major stinging episode lawsuits will be brought, but in the mean time. If you'd like to channel your inner Joey Durel and start your own beehive, we found this cool video about how to do that.