You've seen the kiss cam at the Cajundome and other sporting venues haven't you? It's a roving camera that spotlights couples sitting in the crowd. Once spotlighted the couple is supposed to kiss on camera for everyone to see on the big screen. It is  just a lighthearted way to break up the down time during time outs.

Most of the time kiss cam is innocent fun. Sometimes it is really uncomfortable, especially if you happen to have gone to the game with your sister. Here is another way the kiss cam can go wrong.

The guy in this video sees that the kiss cam is on him and his girl. He puckers up and gives her a smooch. She takes offense to his "fresh" behavior and promptly slaps him. She then proceeds to dump popcorn and soda pop on his head. Just when you think this poor guy is in for a rather long rest of the game, redemption comes from an unlikely place.

I am guessing this was all set up ahead of time, it looks to be staged. Why else would the video be shot from a few seats away? Regardless it is funny and I am sure things like this have happened more often than not in the world of the kiss cam.