Within 5 minutes of meeting me and finding out what I do for a living, there is always one question I can count on being asked by my new acquaintance. What time do you have to get up every morning? My answer usually shocks most people who can not comprehend why any sane individual would  want to be awake and sober at that time of day. Is it really that tough to be a person who enjoys being awake early in the day? I think not, in fact I have four really good suggestions that you might use to get your day started earlier and with less of an attitude.

Have you noticed how easy it is to wake up early when you're on a trip and you're about to do something exciting? Well that same principle can apply to your every day waking habits too.

Step 1: Give yourself something to look forward to. It could be something as simple as treating yourself to a nice breakfast before work. We all do better with the proper motivation, perhaps you and your significant other could plan for some romantic time before breakfast.

Step 2: Planning for tomorrow, today. One of the big problems most of us have with waking up is the hurried pace we have to put ourselves through to get out the door. This is where planning the night before can make your life and your love of morning a lot easier. You probably had to do this when you were a kid, pick out what you're going to wear the night before. It is a big time saver and it's one less thing for you to think about the  next day. If you have to make a lunch or pack your briefcase, do it the night before.

Step 3: Get yourself outside. There is something spiritual and soul cleansing about the freshness of a brand new day. Even if all you do is walk to the end of your driveway or to the end of your street, being outside will help your body clock adjust itself to your new found favorite time of day. I do suggest you put on your robe or some sweat pants just in case the neighbors wake up early too.

Step 4: Getting enough sleep. To me the most important aspect of being in love with the morning is putting the proper value on sleep. Sleep is our most underrated asset as far as I am concerned. When we were little our mothers and kindergarten teachers knew the value of a nap. Since our bosses won't take kindly to us nodding off in a big meeting a nap is out of the question but getting enough sleep shouldn't be. There are countless studies that show depression, weight gain, and even aches and pains can be influenced in a positive manner by getting the proper amount of sleep.

Far to often we sacrifice the self preserving commodity of sleep for a reality TV show, a football game or mindless time on the internet. Give yourself permission to go to sleep, you will find yourself becoming healthier, happy and maybe even a little wiser, just like the old saying.

I hope my suggestions for falling in love with the most peaceful time of the day have been helpful. You can find a little more insight into these steps and why they work in this article from Ask Men.

In case you were wondering, I wake up at 1 in the morning and get to the radio station by 2. Why? because there is something I really look forward to, waking you up and making you smile.