Everyone loves a state fair. I'm sure every state thinks their state's fair is the best. Unless you're from Texas, yours isn't. I'm not a Texan but I know a good fair when I see one. For several weeks in October the area around the world famous Cotton Bowl stadium is transformed into a midway of games, rides, exhibits and some of the strangest people you will ever see. For 60 plus years that collection of chaos has been looked over by Big Tex. Big Tex is like Texas, bigger than life, glad to see you and always ready to extend a welcoming hand. Big Tex burned down today.

Reports say it was a mechanical fire that caused the blaze and in a matter of moments an icon that could be mentioned in the same breath as the Astrodome, Reunion Tower and dare I say it, the Alamo was just a smoldering framework of smokey steel.

I had the pleasure of working and living in Dallas when I was a young hot shot Disc Jockey and working the State Fair of Texas was one of the coolest things I have ever gotten to do. The turkey legs were prehistoric in size and just as big in flavor. The Texas Star Ferris Wheel was the biggest tallest ride I had ever been on and then there was Big Tex.

At 52 feet high he reigned over it all. He welcomed people of all creeds and colors to the fair. He watched Texas and Oklahoma play football every year and was a much a part of the atmosphere as the smell of corny dogs frying and 9 year old grease. I think the plan is to rebuild Big Tex for next year. It won't be the same. Then again, the State Fair of Texas without him wouldn't be the same either.