The job of law enforcement is a dangerous one. The men and women who choose this profession are sworn to protect and serve we the people. Sometimes the rights we are guaranteed are paid for with their lives. That's why some Louisiana lawmakers have created legislation and moved it through the legislature that would allow peace officers and former peace officers the right to carry concealed weapons just about anywhere.

A bill that would allow active duty and retired law enforcement officials to carry a gun in almost all public places is now headed to Governor Bobby Jindal's desk. The bill that was authored by Senator Neil Riser was approved on the House floor yesterday by a vote of 81-11.

"I trust the police officers of this state. I trust them to do a good job. I trust them to come help me when I'm in need,I would like for them to have their tool in order to be able to protect me, protect you and protect my family."

Representative Joe Lopinto told the Louisiana Radio Network his thoughts after the bill passed in yesterday's session.

However not all lawmakers echoed Lopinto's thoughts. New Iberia Representative Terry Landry told reporters,

"But now we're opening up the gate for them to go throughout this state and carry their guns in places like New Orleans where there's big tourists, big cities, casinos..."

With the passage of the legislation through both bodies in the legislature the bill now only requires Governor Bobby Jindal's signature to become law.