This is another contribution from Tracy Wirtz of KATC TV 3.

Yes, the ladies in my family are among the throngs of... dare I say it... crazy folks out taking advantage of the deals on Black Friday. Truth be told, many times we aren't necessarily partaking in the specials as much as we are enjoying being together. We all do our thing and visit the places we want to shop and then meet for lunch somewhere. It's become a tradition! We do look at circulars and plan our "attack." Here are some of my favorite before-the-circulars-hit-the-shelves websites.

This site, The Black Friday dot com has all of the major chain stores and some unplublished deals you might not find anywhere else. This site Black Friday ads is dedicated to taking all of those circulars and compiling them in one easy to search electronic pile. The site Black Friday has a feature called the Deal Detective that allows you  to narrow down  your search to specific items and  find the best bang for you buck.

I sure hope this helps you plan your attack, uh shopping trip, this Friday. Look for me and my girls to be out early and often looking for those great bargains too. Happy Shopping!   Tracy