Back in the days of old, when I was a kid, we didn't have the cool video games kids have today. We could do wild tricks on pretend bicycles and skateboards, we actually had to go outside and do real tricks on real bikes and real skateboards. For us Evel Knievel was the man. He was the guy that was famous for breaking every bone in his body by jumping his motorcycle over things. Well most of the time he made it over things.

We'd watch Evel on Wide World of Sports and then go pretend to jump cars in our backyards on our bikes. From this backyard precursor to the Emergency Room there evolved an entire competitive sport. Bicycle Motocross. It was very similar to the motorized motor cross you'd see with motorcycles but the power was in the pedals and a down hill track.

This is one of the most amazing BMX rides you will ever see. Just when you think the guy that crashed is out of it. He does something amazing. Just watch it and see for yourself.