Bobby, Bobby, Bobby. (Make sure you shake your head like Troy Landry when you say that.)

Former NFL quarterback and now radio host, Bobby Hebert, was kicked out of the press box last night at Tiger Stadium in Baton Rouge during the Alabama-LSU game due to excessive cheering. That's a no-no in any press box. Reporters and media-folk are supposed to be unbiased observers.

Yahoo! Sports' Pat Forde first reported this last night:

"Hebert was warned repeatedly about violating working press box decorum and cheering for the Tigers. Finally, LSU associate athletic director Herb Vincent informed Hebert that he had to leave the press box, and a uniformed police officer escorted him out."

Now, this isn't the first time (and sure won't be the last) Bobby has cheered from the press box. Do you remember this infamous show of excitement from a couple of years at the Superdome for a Saints-Jets game?