A few days ago I got the great privilege of going to Memphis for the annual Country Cares seminar to learn more about St. Jude Children's Research Hospital. It is always a truly inspiring weekend.

We tour the hospital, meet some of the patients, listen to researchers and doctors passionately explain some of the great work going on at the hospital, and overall just learn how we can raise more money for St. Jude.

And then in between all of that we might, just might, try to squeeze in a good time or two. Some of those times we get to say hi and hang out with some of the wonderful artists that make up country music. It's a wonderful setting for them to get to know more about the hospital and see some of their radio brethren.

So I set all that up to explain the following video. Me and my cohorts from Lafayette were invited to a dinner one of the evenings hosted by one of the record labels. Among the artists on this particular label's roster that were in attendance was The Voice winner Cassadee Pope along with every young lady's crush Brantley Gilbert.

My buddy, who invited me, works for Brantley's label, Valory Music Co., kindly brought BG over to our table to say hi. He was nice as could be and remembered the show he played in Lafayette a few months back. We chatted for a minute and Brantley headed back to his table.

The night was getting late and we were ready to head to Beale Street to finish the night. But to our surprise members of the wait staff popped out with a lighted birthday cake. My friend joked, "Man, that'd be funny if we were at Brantley's birthday party!"

Guess who's birthday it was the next day? So long story, here's the video of Brantley Gilbert getting surprised on his birthday and we were there, man! haha