St. Jude's love has been felt in the lives of many different families throughout Acadiana over the years. The St. Jude Children's Research Hospital has been a godsend for cancer victims and their families since there inception all those years ago. Though the hospital was set up to help children, it has expanded to help cancer victims of all ages depending on their situation. Meet Brook Dupuis, another St. Jude success story with an amazing story.

97.3: Explain to everyone your St. Jude experience.

Brook Dupuis: Back in the year 2000 I was diagnosed with a brain tumor called Medulloblastoma. I had one surgery here in Lafayette and two more surgeries in St. Jude to remove the tumor. Then I had chemotherapy, radiation, and many other surgeries. When I came through everything I couldn't walk, I could hardly talk, and I had to relearn how to do many things. I'm back on track now though so it's all good.

97.3: Do you have one great memory of St. Jude?

Brook Dupuis: St. Jude is just incredible. You see little kids running around as if they don't have anything wrong with them. You would expect them to be sad, but they run around and play like there's nothing wrong.

97.3: It's called St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, but it's nothing like a hospital when you walk through the doors.

Brook Dupis: No, not at all.

97.3: Thank you for coming by and sharing your story.

Brook Dupuis: Thank you; I hope everybody picks up the phone and calls that number!


Brook is a St. Jude success story because of donations from people like you. St. Jude works miracles everyday because of the kindness and generosity of others. We need more Brook's. We need more success stories. Become a Partner In Hope and help St. Jude help others keep fighting. Please call 1-800-364-9665 and become a Partner In Hope today.