Luke Bryan's latest CD is in your favorite record store today. You can tell I am old school because I still think you have to go out to a store to buy music. Regardless whether you get the disc or download it for you personal player I really think you're going to love Luke's new project. Tailgates and Tanlines is the name of Luke's new CD and it is a delightful romp through heartache, healing, young love, memories and more. I think it's a CD you will really want in your collection  I've got four really good reasons why.

'Drunk On You'

This track is called  Drunk On You. It is an intoxicating song about that magical moment when starlight, firelight and perhaps a little bit of  "Crown in a Dixie Cup' combine to etch an indelible memory in your conciousness. I've been in that place, where the smell of the night, the music on the radio and the kiss of that special someone captivate your heart and mind leaving you dizzy after every breath. Here, let me pour you a small taste of my absolute favorite song on the CD.

'I Know You're Gonna Be There'

Another wonderful track on Luke's new CD is a song called I Know You're Gonna Be There. This song caputres the angst we have all felt when we know we are going to encounter a former lover in a public situation. I know I have lived that dream and I bet you know the feeling of those butterflies in your stomach as well. How did you handle that glance across the room? Did you try to watch and act as if you weren't looking? Did you have an extra cocktail and make a total fool of yourself? Listen to this petite sample of how Luke masterfully reminds us that we're not alone in this situation.

'Too Damn Young'

Do you remember the first time you fell in love? I mean fell in love so deep that you quit listening to your parents, you stopped being concerned with right and wrong and the only reason you breathed was to be able to share a moment with object of your affections? In the song  Too Damn Young Luke takes us back to that place where the warm Summer sun is replaced by the heat of passion. It is that place where deep passionate kisses blur the concept of consequences for actions that are beyond our control. Come sit with me in the moonlight by the lake and lets travel back to that moment, want to?

'Faded Away'

I love words and when the right words are put together in the right order incredible pictures develop in the movie screen that is my mind. Such is the case with Luke's song Faded Away. If you have ever had a Summer love or just a whirlwind romance of any kind you can relate to this song. The heat of passion burns white hot and totally out of control only to cool off just as quickly. As Luke sings like "the tan on my skin...You just faded away", writers Luke Bryan and Michael Carter deserve a mailbox full of money just for that line. Want to have a taste of Faded Away?

Those are  just  my four really good reasons why I think you're going to love Luke Bryan's new CD Tailgates and Tanlines, it's available for you to purchase either online or in the your favorite music store today.