I hate it when you can't hear us on the radio. Sometimes the weather conditions make the signal a little fuzzy or you're out of town and you can't pick up 97.3 The Dawg the way you can at your house. That's why we here at the radio station have designed and offer to you free of charge the ability to listen to our station with radioPup on your smartphone. Or you can listen to online radio by simply clicking the Listen Live link at this website.

There is a funny thing about radio waves. There is no way to really predict or control the direction they go. Our engineers have a pretty good idea of how far our signal can travel and what kind of equipment you'll need to hear our programming but sometimes you can get a radio station in a very unconventional way.

The guy in this video is messing around with his electric guitar and his amplifier and has discovered something amazing about himself. He is an antenna! Watch what happens when he plugs the audio cable into his belly button.