Auto racing is a very emotional sport. The people who participate are very competitive. Quite often emotions boil over when one racer feels he has been wronged by a competitor. It is not unusual for a small bump on the backstretch to turn into a full blown fist fight after the race is over.

This  incident at Bowman Gray Stadium one of NASCAR's oldest sanctioned facilities in Winston-Salem North Carolina will not doubt be reviewed by not only race officials but law enforcement.

As you will see in the video the driver of the 02, Derek Stoltz, is not much of a racer. He is a bully and basically chicken manure. The only way he could get to the front was to knock not one but two different drivers out of his way.  This man should not be allowed to race in any sanctioned circuit again and should be charged with attempted murder. Here is another angle.

I am a fan of racing. I enjoy hard racing. This is not racing this is a great big smear on the reputation of all the true racers that have raced at this facility through the years.