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Would You Snoop Through a Partner’s Email and Texts?
Privacy seems to be an antiquated notion, especially when it comes to our personal lives.
Not only are more and more people splashing details on social media sites for all the world to see, but lots of us have become increasingly nosy about what our romantic partners are doing, too.
Creepiest Internet Predator Ever [Video]
You might find this video to be very disturbing and I hope it disturbs you so much that you get off your apathetic backside and go check the history on your child's computer. I hope it motivates you to check their cellphone and text messages just to be sure.
It’s Official — We’re Addicted to Our Cell Phones [POLL]
Everywhere you go you see people that appear to have their cell phones physically attached to their ears and thumbs for fear that if don’t stay glued to the godforsaken thing they just might miss out on something as important as a Facebook status update or the latest social commentar…

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