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iPad Killer Freezes During Introduction [Video]
Ever had one of those days where every thing you touched turned to poo? You can bet this fellow knows that feeling. His job is to show the world Surface, the latest tablet product from Microsoft that is supposed to be the iPad killer. It looks nice, it has a lot of nice features but wait...
Even Robots Need Coffee [Video]
Your friendly neighborhood robot might need coffee in the future too. Not to drink or to help keep the robot awake but to help the robot help you. You might be wondering how that's possible.
Miranda Lambert Checks Blake Shelton’s Twitter Messages
If you follow Blake Shelton on Twitter, you know that ‘The Voice’ coach and country star has a reputation for tweeting after he’s had a few too many drinks–and he’s not shy about connecting with attractive women. We’ve all wondered at some point if Shelton’s behavior bothers his sometimes sweet, som…
How to Act Like a Model On Twitter
Ah, the model life. Some think it’s simple and luxurious but ask just about any model and she’ll rattle off a laundry list of #hotgirlproblems – from the high level of travel required, their restrictive diets, and, of course, creepy dudes staring at them.

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