America’s Best Local Chips this really a contest? We all KNOW that Zapp's Potato Chips, from right here in Louisiana rank #1!! It's so much fun to try out local specialities when you are traveling across the US, so take a look at Country Living Magazine's Top local chips ...
New Ronnie Dunn CD Rocks!
OK, I admit I'm a bit biased when it comes to this guy's music. I've been a huge fan of Brooks and Dunn since day one. But this new solo disc from Ronnie Dunn is just fantastic! No, there's nothing totally out of left field, just solid music.
New Book From Sinatra’s Widow-She Did It Her Way
It couldn't have been easy being married to Frank Sinatra. Fascinating, but not easy. His tirades and generosity are well documented, but this is a side we've never seen from Ole Blue Eyes. The new book, out in stores now, was written by Barbara Sinatra, who was married to Frank when he pa…
Top 10 Foods To Eat In Louisiana
Well, we all have our favorites, and its incredible to think that some folks don't have  the delicious choices we have here in the Bayou State. Crawfish, jambalaya, cracklin, gumbo-are you hungry yet? Our friends at Louisiana Travel and Road Trips Foodie have compiled a list that…
Goodbye Oprah-And Your Cute Dogs!
OK, yes I am sad that Oprah's show is going one last shout out to the queen of daytime tv. Her dogs have been a HUGE part of her 25 years, so for that reason alone, we salute you, Oprah. Cutest pups, ever, ya'll!
Ditch The Drugs, These Natural Cures Might Be Better
The problem with any drug is the risk of side effects. You know those words they whisper really fast on the drug commercials that usually include death. Believe it or not for many of the ailments that we run to the drug store for, Mother Nature has already found the cure.
8 Incredible Frank Lloyd Wright Homes You Can Buy [photos]
In the world of architecture the name Frank Lloyd Wright is among the most revered. He is to the national design scene what Louisiana legend A. Hays Town is to the look and feel of our home state. Wright was an innovator, he didn't think out of the box, he thought with no box in mind. His designs ha…

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