50 Recipes from Famous Restaurants
The weekends are great for trying out new recipes. I always like to pull out something new for guests, or just for my own personal sense of "YES, I can do it!" Restaurants don't always release their secrets, so....enjoy these while you can!
Star-Studded Lineup Rocks Out At Jazz Fest
The first weekend of Jazz Fest was TOTALLY awesome, but we're not done yet! Listen for your chance to win FREE tickets all this week on 97.3 the can find me in front of the stage when Kid Rock performs next Sunday!
Top Outdoor Vacations For Kids
Are you getting ready for summer vacation? With the sky high gas prices, it might be nice to get some free fresh air for the family! Check out some of the beautiful natural wonders of the world, ya'll...
The New Love Bug
I, like many people of my generation, owned a Volkswagen Beetle. It took me through my entire college career as a Ragin Cajun, and there are still days that I miss my little Bug. Now we have a hot new design for the 2012 version, never know what you'll see me in at the beach in…
New Sunny Sweeney Song Only For Your Ears
Sunny Sweeney is going to be part of our big show on Thursday, April 21st at Outlaws Saloon & Dancehall in Lafayette. You know her best from her debut hit "From a Table Away". Well she's got a new song about to come out to radio and we wanted you to get a sneak pe…
Drivers Cut Back on Gas as Prices Rise
Are you starting to get that panic feeling as you head to the gas pump, especially if it's a ways to go till payday? Honestly, I might need to get a part time job just to pay for gas to get to my REAL  job. Who's with me?!

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