Rascal Flatts: Truly a Class Act
When I was a kid I used to listen to radio stations in far off places like St. Louis, Chicago and Nashville. Growing up in the-middle-of-nowhere-Mississippi lends itself to the idea of wanting be somewhere else. I used to dream every time I would hear the DJs voice of being that guy on the radio tha…
Louisiana Food Festivals
There is absolutely nothing better than checking out our local festivals in honor of the humble....strawberry, crawfish, yam, or okra. So much to see and so much to EAT in out great state of Louisiana!
Cap’n Crunch Alive and Well Thanks to You
In a post made earlier this week we reported the sad news that Cap'n Horatio Magellan Crunch was about to draw his last breath as a spokesperson for the great American cereal that bears his name. I grew up with the crew of the Guppy (the Cap'ns ship), Sea Dog and even Smedley the Peanut Butter Crunc…
Cook Like A Celebrity Chef!
Even if you don't know how to whip up a dish at a moments notice...Acadiana is the best place in the ENTIRE WORLD for great recipes- We love our food!! I sure would like to cook like Paula Deen though....
Are You Happy? Let’s Test Your Happiness Quotient
Some of us seem to be happy all the time. Others never seem to be happy at all. What makes us happy? Are you happy? Would you like to find out what and why you are happy? We have found a little quiz that might help you understand how you feel and why you feel that way...
Ipad-2 How Does It Rate?
Last November I ordered my wife an I-pad for Christmas, it still hasn't arrived. So before we even get to use the product that was perceived as the cutting edge in tablet technology it is already outdated. I feel kind of foolish, but I won't order from any retailer that rhymes with SEARS again so th…
10 Morning Sanity Savers for Moms
School lunches. Car Keyes. Diaper Bag. Coffee. You get the picture. Not easy getting out the door these days, but help has arrived! I have to say my number one time saver in the morning is to put my clothes out the night before...what is yours?
Cinema’s Top 20 Music Geeks
"Almost Famous" is one of the all time great movies about music. Of course there's lots more...."Pure Country" comes in a close second for me...what is your favorite?

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