Cinema’s Top 20 Music Geeks
"Almost Famous" is one of the all time great movies about music. Of course there's lots more...."Pure Country" comes in a close second for me...what is your favorite?
Amazing Birthday Cake Designs
I've always wanted to bake one of those over the top-can't stop talking about it- birthday cakes! If nothing else, here's some inspiration for your next big bash. ( I think even I can do some of these!)
Energy Drinks Good Or Bad?
What keeps you up during those long work hours?  Or long study hours for us college kids?  Maybe your just tired, but all of your friends are going out tonight!  What are you going to do?  "Pop-A-Top Again!"  By that I mean drink some Redbull, am I right? &…
Top Airports For Shopping
Anyone who has ever been stuck in an airport for a layover knows  how critical it is to have some place to pick up that magazine or latte....or $5,000 ring...
Bacon Recipes
Nothing quite says "The weekend's here!" like the smell of bacon frying in the morning. Enjoy the recipes and have an AWESOME Sunday, ya'll!
Fun Facts About US presidents
Happy President's Day ya'll! If you have the day off, OR you just noticed that mail won't be delivered today....we salute our Presidents...God Bless America! Enjoy some of these little known facts about the previous residents of  the Oval Office...
The Suite Life – Las Vegas
As great as it is to be in Acadiana during festival/Mardi Gras season....sometimes we like to fantasize about that PERFECT getaway. At my house that spells...L.A.S. V.E.G.A.S. Check out some of the awesome digs that yes, even you, can stay at in Sparkle City...

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