The year was 1997 and Hank Junior was playing a huge show at the Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth. As you might imagine the crowd was taken aback just a bit when a tiny blonde haired boy walked on stage lugging an accordion.

I'm sure many in the crowd were thinking, "how cute". That was until the young man started to crank out a tune on his squeeze box and then launched into a song. That's when the reaction went from " how cute to holy #?*!". Little did the crowd know they were watching the birth of a country music superstar at the time.

That happened on this date and it was quite the foreshadowing of what was to come. The little fellow strode right up to the microphone and told Bochephus he was going to "do a little something called Jambalaya".

The music started, the crowd went wild and this has gone on to be one of our favorite video clips of all time. Many of us remember a young Hunter Hayes coming by the radio station to meet with, play with, and talk music with the artist that come by for our Live in the Lobby Series.

Since country music is all about making memories that involve amazing music we thought we'd share this Classic Country Saturday Night memory with you. Because it happened on this day in Country Music.