"The music I listened to when I was younger was the best music ever made". If you talk to anyone over the age of 30 they will say that about the music they grew up with. With that music came the dances of each generation.

There was the Twist, the Macarena, Break dancing, and a thousand others in between. Where there is music there must be dance. It just stands to reason. There is something infectious about the beat of a zydeco tune that pulls people out of their chairs. This same infection can spread through the sound of a disco tune or even rock and roll. We are genetically hardwired to move to music, at least I think we are.

What I find amazing is how the dance of one generation can sync so perfectly with the music of another. The brain might hear a different sound but the body still must move to the beat. Check this video out of a Charleston style dance from over 50 years ago and how it stands up and steps up to music that is more reflective of this modern era. I think it is pretty neat.