Winning is all that matters in sports. It is more important to be victorious than it is to win with honor. Winning at all cost is the way all sports should be played. It doesn't matter whether it's 5 year old pee wee football or high school, you should always do everything to win. It is not about sportsmanship or morality it is always about winning!

I almost threw up writing that. The only time winning is more important than  playing the game with honor and fairness is never. If you can't win fairly then you are not a competitor you are a cheater. I am sad to say one Louisiana High School's reputation is now soiled because of not one, but five coaches.

I guess at Destrehan High School they don't want the kids to win at life, they want them to cheat their way to victory. It is a shame to have to write that because of five jackwagon coaches who though they were helping. Evidently there is a website that many high school athletic programs use to store game films and share information. Most teams do share limited information with each other in order to teach student athletes how to learn the game of football.

Several of the coaches at Destrehan apparently used the site and  hacked  in to a secure section of the site to access to film of closed practice sessions at South Lafourche High School. The coaches then used this knowledge to help their team defeat South Lafourche High. The principal from South Lafourche even commented in a story published by the Louisiana Radio Network that Destrehan seemed to know what plays South Lafourche was running before they even snapped the ball.

The LHSAA investigated the incident and rendered their ruling yesterday. The ruling stated that for of five assistant coaches for Destrehan would be suspended for final two games of the regular season. The other alleged coach Ryan Fournier would be suspended for the regular season and the playoffs. Fournier and his girl friend Emily Guidry will also face charges of Offenses Against Intellectual Property. Destrehan was also forced to forfeit their ill gotten win against South Lafourche.

Personally I think all five of these coaches should be fired. What kind of lesson does this teach the kids at Destrehan? Cheat and you will get a slap on the wrist but still be allowed to participate? Don't penalize the players, remove the bad educators. If a history teacher was caught cheating on the all mighty LEAP test what would happen to that educator? Why is football and athletics so much more important that academics?

What do you think? Is the penalty fair? Was it too strict or not harsh enough? We are raising a generation of slackers who only want to get to the top by taking the easy way. It is a shame the good students and great athletes and educators at Destrehan have to be associated with this small minded immoral individuals.