This weekend you might find yourself at a local watering hole enjoying your favorite spirits. Many of us have our favorite cocktails and mixed drinks we love to order. I would love to say that all bars and bartenders go out of their way to make sure the customer is getting what he or she paid for but that isn't true. I have worked in bars myself and I know some of the dirty little secrets that go into that over priced cocktail.

One of the unwritten rules of the bar where I worked was make the customer think they were getting more than they paid for and you will get a nice big tip at the end of the evening. To scam your customer you must know your customer. The easiest customer to short mix a drink on is a lady. That is because most ladies don't really like a strong taste of alcohol. They order mixed drinks and fruity blender drinks and it makes it very easy to cut the amount of booze you include with out anyone being none the wiser.

Women also tend to feel the booze faster so they think they are having a great time and you are saving  your bar money and earning a nice tip for telling your pretty customer just how  hot she looks and that you are mixing her cocktails especially just for her.

Men are more inclined to order simple mixed drinks. Gin and Tonic, Crown and Coke, Rum and Coke, you get the idea. How can you scam with only two ingredients? It's all in the presentation my friend. Men want to taste the booze, they want to feel that sensation on their lips with that first taste. The best way to do this is to rim the glass with the beverage of choice. You can see a demonstration of rimming a glass in this video.

Another bar scam that is totally against the law is to put cheaper brand booze in a brand name bottle. I know you fanciers of the finer brands will swear up and down that you can taste the difference between Crown Royal and Green Label Evans Williams. I believe you, you can but not after your first drink. Once the palate has been soiled it's easy to fool, besides you are a little buzzed by the second cocktail and don't have time to argue with me behind the bar.

One other way to make you think your cocktail is more potent is to spike the straw. That's where the barkeep pours a tiny amount of straight liquor right down the straw after it has been inserted in the drink. That way your first sip is almost pure booze. You will swear it is the strongest cocktail you've ever had and your friend the bartender is treating you right.

When I tended bar I worked for tips. What ever it took to get you to give me a five instead three ones is what I would do. I am not proud of my youthful misuse of the  truth and  your confidence that is why I am warning you to beware  even if the bartender calls you friend. My personal advice? Stick to beer in a bottle or keep it simple and order a soda pop or water. You can still have fun being the designated driver and your friends will be around for you to celebrate with the next time.