The sad truth of this life is nobody gets out a live. I heard that on the Ian the Weekend Guy radio show here on 97.3 The Dawg so it must be true. Since the movies are a great metaphor for what we call life, it is only natural that they portray death.

Hollywood death is usually a lot more dramatic than regular people death. For example, in this clip from a movie that I can only guess was low budget, low tech and low talent we see what might be the cheesiest death scene ever.

I am not sure exactly what the disagreement between these two gentlemen happens to be. Maybe it was a parking spot at the mall or an ill timed remark about fashion, but regardless one guy is really mad at the other. It looks like he gives him a brief facial massage and then proceeds to remove his soul through his trousers.

When you consider how terrible this movie appears to be, I can only guess that the guy who died gets the better end of the deal.