Anyone who has ever stepped inside a classroom knows that chewing gum and school do not go together. WRONG! I understand why teachers and school systems don't want gum in the classroom. It's not the gum in the mouth that is the problem. It is the gum everywhere else that causes the issue. What if I told you that chewing gum could actually help you do better on  tests? It's true.

The good people of Doublemint Gum did a study and found that chewing gum actually helps your brain focus. There are certain chemicals released to the body when you are going through the motion of chewing. These chemicals instinctively heighten the brains awareness to details. Some studies even suggest that if you chew a certain flavor of gum while you study and then chew that same flavor while taking a test on the learned material you will actually recall more information more quickly.

It has to do with  memory pathways, the same way a certain smell can trigger a certain memory. I can't say that I know this from experience but if I was getting ready for my final exams at U.L. I sure might give this theory a try.