I don't know how cleaning the toilets became my job at my house. I am not the best cleaner. I am a man which means what I think is clean is never clean enough for my wife. Yet she trusts me clean toilet.

Clean toilets are not nearly as big a deal to guys as they are to girls. I think it's because we can do a lot of our business from a distance. Still I hate walking into a gas station and seeing a hazardous waste dump where the bathroom should be.

So how do you clean that stubborn ring right around the water line? Also the stubborn rust stains that are right under the rim? The good news is the solution is simple and it doesn't require scrubbing. The bad news is that it does take some time for it to work.

Basically you are going to use the power of vinegar to dissolve the stains.  I don't know the chemistry involved but I am sure it has something to do with the acidity of the vinegar. The process is unique so you'll want to watch the video to see how to maximize your efforts.