Well darn, just when we thought we could start making the stuff at home in our bathtubs comes this disturbing word that the alleged secret formula that's been buzzing around the Internet isn't the real McCoy. I can't imagine something as valuable as the secret to the most popular soft drink in the world floating free in cyberspace but then again several of our Presidents have misplaced the doomsday missile codes for Nuclear War from time to time. So if you'd like to read the latest denial of what we thought was the Real Thing's formula, here we go

First came the stories about the radio program cracking the drink's code. Then came the stories about the wave of stories about cracking that code. Tressler said several journalists approached her assuming that the formula had been revealed, and prodded her to capitulate. But she had her red-and-white shield drawn and this line at the ready: "Our formulation is our company's most valued trade secret, and we will not be coming forward with that formula."

I think there are so many other questions we need to answer besides how to create a Coke at home, I want to know how they make the sauce at Rasin Canes and how come Dr. Pepper always taste better out of a fountain machine. By the way I do have a lead on some really tasty cookies from Niemann Marcus (HA!).