It's bad enough that most of the plants in my courtyard have wilted like pasta in boiling water because of the recent freeze. Now comes word that one of my favorite things in the whole world will be smaller because Mother Nature got frosty with us. It appears as though the extreme cold might have a significant effect on the size of this year's crawfish.

Let me clarify that previous statement for you. The amount of crawfish should be plentiful, there just won't be as many individual crawfish that are large. Why does the cold weather mean smaller crawfish? According to a report from the Louisiana Radio Network and LSU AgCenter crawfish expert Dr. Robert Romaire,

"They are cold blooded animals and simply just kind of lay there and don't do much of anything until the temperatures warm and then they resume feeding and growing."

With Mardi Gras season here, the demand for Louisiana Crawfish is expected to skyrocket over the next several weeks. It's good to know that we shouldn't have any issue finding crawfish; just plan on them being smaller in size than the previous season.