Sometimes college football just embarrasses me. This is one of those times. Meet highly regarded football player Cassanova McKinzy.  He, like a lot of other young men, had to make a decision regarding his college football career and further education on Wednesday. If you're not a fan of NCAA football this past Wednesday was national signing day. The day when prospective football players are officially allowed to declare their intentions for the upcoming fall season and semester.

Cassanova chose to attend Auburn University. Auburn is a great school, known for its academics and research. My Dad got his masters degree at Auburn so I am very familiar with it. After watching this brief interview with Cassanova McKinzyI am hoping he is a better football player than he is public speaker or student. This is just wrong. I wonder what he got on his SAT? Drool? I'm sorry I am judging the book by its cover and that is wrong.

Cassanova I wish you well in your studies. I hope your football team plays with honor and loses every game. After all you did choose to go to Auburn and I can not allow myself to hope for any football success for you.