My Dad always used to say " a lock will only keep an honest man out". I think that is true on the Internet too. Passwords are there only to slow down the bad guys. The trouble with passwords, most of us use the same one over and over again on multiple sites making it easy for hackers to gain access to all of our accounts.

Tell the truth here, you have one basic password that you might use for work, for home, for shopping for e-mail for all of those don't you? It's because multiple passwords are harder for us to remember, but the more passwords you have the more secure  your information actually is. It's a decision we have to make, are we going to make it a little tough on ourselves to make it impossible for the bad guys or are we just going to roll over and let the bad guys take our stuff? I suggest you reevaluate your passwords, make them similar if you need to but don't make them the same. Will there come a time when we won't need passwords? Probably so, we will use a finger swipe or some other harder to figure out more personal approach in the mean time, just be careful and cautious.