We love making concert announcements here at 97.3 The Dawg. The reason we love to tell you about great live music in the area is because we love it too. There are already some great shows lined up for the area but Tuesday morning Bruce and the Kennel Club will tell you about two more great shows coming to Acadiana. Since we can't officially tell you who is coming, we thought we'd play a little game see if you could figure it out own your own. It aint us telling if you figure it out right?


Concert #1:

Clue 1- A famous British doctor

Clue 2- A great iced beverage

Clue 3- The wind will

Clue 4- Aquatic life form

Clue 5- Drug Abuse Resistance Education

Clue 6- The fifth letter

Clue 7- You and me together.

That should be enough clues for you to figure out who is coming for our first concert announcement. We will confirm your guess tomorrow morning at 6:50 and give you ticket prices and where to get them. So make sure you are listening.


Concert #2

Clue 1- Sky condition

Clue 2- Dry grass

Clue 3- Affirmative toward the end

Clue 4- Elmer Fudd was

Clue 5- Think orange

Clue 6- America's Most

Clue 7- Long time friend

We will provide all the details on this concert tomorrow morning at 9am including ticket prices, on sale locations and where you need to be and when you need to be there to see the show. Make sure you are listening!