Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

Westboro Baptist Church, a church known more protesting than savings souls has announced plans to picket at the funerals of Friday's Connecticut school shooting victims.




The church which has become infamous for protesting at the services of fallen military personnel maintain they are protected in their protest by the Constitution.Church supporters often carry signs with comments such as "God Hates Dead Soldiers" , "Pray for More Dead Soldiers" and "God Blew Up The Space Shuttle".

Via Twitter the church announced plans to be in Newtown Connecticut for the funerals of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting. In protest of this announcement, the computer hacking collective known as Anonymous hacked into the church's website and began displaying personal information about its members.

It is hoped that cooler heads will prevail and these innocent victims of a senseless shooting can be laid to rest in peace. Let us hope their funerals will not become a flash point for debate about free speech, gun control and our nation's military policy.