What is that old bit on Saturday Night Live, the one where the guy is always talking about "you can put your weed in it". Well I guess some people, those who aren't among the sharpest tools in the shed, listened to that corny comic advice and tried to escape the long arm of the law by hiding their contraband in a rather unlikely place.

"As he was being booked, correctional officers removed a blue 2-inch 'hitter' pipe in his sock and a bag of cannabis from his other sock," Hoffmeyer said.

I try to keep all of my visits with law enforcement on the cordial side, yes sir, no sir, yes m'am, no m'am. If I am breaking the law which I knowing never do I find it best not to invite the police to the party. They have been trained and they will do their job. They can't help it if you're stupid!