I was driving to my daughter's house the other day and three little girls were waving poster boards on the corner in the neighborhood. They were standing in the yard next to a table laden with pitchers and cups and I immediately, even without reading the sign, knew they were selling either Kool-aid or lemonade. It's a degree above ridiculously hot outside and kids, including my own, love to make a few extra bucks offering passers-by a cup of something cool for a few cents or even a buck.

Most of us are glad to pay it and don't give it a second thought. As a matter of fact, my son and his buddy have had a couple kool-aid stands. The sign still sits in my foyer. He walked away each time with about ten bucks in his pocket. These stands are a sign of summer and, as a parent, always make me smile because it means ingenuity and a little less time a child is spending staring at a computer screen. But, lo and behold, some Georgia cops found a way to put a stop to that "foolishness!"

OK... I sound sour (pun intended). I guess if you read the story and think about it, you can see their point. The law is the law. But I just can't help but feel like one of the last bastions of summertime childhood fun and entrepeneurship has been attacked. I'd love to know what YOU think!