I know, another story about cats and my problems with them. As I have documented in earlier stories my neighbors have about a billion cats. The cats naturally like to hang out a my house because my house is more fun and doesn't smell like the litter box of a billion cats.

The cats, when they visit my yard, make my dog go crazy. The dog's barking wakes me up during naps and while I am trying to sleep so that is the essence of the problem. Some of you suggested some drastic measures to keep the cats away. I don't want to hurt them I just want them to hang in a part of the yard where the dog won't notice them.

Perhaps this cat toy would be the best solution. I could just throw this in the back yard and the cats would be so intrigued they would never come around to the patio. However, if this doesn't work I am getting a Supersoaker with a scope on it.