You might have heard Stephanie Crist and I talking about how much we love watching the show Hoarders

.  It always makes me want to get up and throw out things that I think could be unnecessary to have in my home.  I must say I have never held animals in my home, except for my pets.  But this Florida couple thinks different than I do!

A couple from Florida was slammed with animal cruelty on 47 counts after authorities pulled about 700 cats out  of their "palace."

Here is where the story gets me.  The couple was only doing it for a great cause.  They were just tired of seeing all of these cats being "put down" so they decided to do something about it!  I think that's a great reason, but as great as it is, you can't have 700 cats!

Question:  How many animals is to many for a family house?

How many do you have?