Normally you think of Tarzan, the ape man, as a guy who swings on vines through the  jungles of Africa. In this case our "Tarzan" is a construction worker and he is swing on a rope to get sand to the fourth floor of a construction project.

If you are going to build buildings that are several stories tall you are going to need a way to get building materials to those lofty floors to continue construction. In most modern construction sites, elevators, cranes, a system of ropes and pulleys are used to deliver the goods to the upper decks.

In this part of the world the benefit of modern construction is either not available or these guys have just figured out a different way. This is stuff you should have learned in science class. The guy on the bottom fills the bucket with material. The material weighs slightly less than the body weight of the man who is doing the shoveling.

A pulley and rope system is built on the floor where the bucket needs to go. The difference in distance between the two floors is calculated and marked on the long rope. The man on the ground then climbs the ladder and grabs the appointed position on the rope and then leaps off the ladder. Gravity will do the rest.

I am pretty sure the folks at OSHA would be having cows if this was going on the United States.