Chefs often consider cooking to be an art form and many go to great lengths to create a beautiful masterpiece on the plate. Yet an artist named Phil Hansen has taken the idea of "food as art" a step further by trading in his paintbrush and canvas for bananas and pushpins. I have to admit, this story made my day! You have to be really, really dedicated to your art to put a reasonable facsimile of an iconic painting on a banana peel. Awesome.

Mr. Hansen also uses other foods as art mediums, including peanut butter, jelly, and toast. One of his works is described as "10 slices by 21 slices" and is a recreation of the Virgin Mary made of slices of bread spread with jelly and peanut butter.

Thank you to our friends at for the awesomeness! You will never eat a banana again without remembering that it could have been a work of art!