An afternoon stroll through the historic district of the City of Crowley is like climbing into a time machine. The homes and their architecture will take your mind back to a different place  and time. A time when beautiful Victorian style homes situated on lush green lawns were punctuated with the sound of laughing children, not the sound of wailing police sirens.

The quiet and calm of Crowley's Historic District has been broken by a modern day problem. Crime. Residents in this part of the city have seen a rash of daring daylight break-ins and burglaries that have many citizens on edge. While there is concern for property, one Crowley resident we spoke to said her biggest concern is for her family.

"I have a 15 year old son at home alone during the Summer. While he's perfectly fine to take care of himself, I have to admit the thought of someone breaking into our home while he is home alone scares me to death."

Just yesterday this Crowley resident, who asked not to be identified, said she was visited by local police. The police were inquiring if she or anyone in her family had noticed any strange or unusual activity in the neighborhood over the past few days.  According to the resident the officer said they had a description of some individuals they believe might be responsible for the crimes.

"about 5'6"-5'8" tall, thin build, medium complected African-American. The detective says one of my neighbors noticed bright blue running shoes. He asked me to be on the lookout for anyone suspicious"

Residents in Crowley have also started a Facebook Page ,Crowley Neighborhood Watch. City police are asking residents of the Historic District to be vigilant and report any unusual activity immediately. Police are also asking for any outside video surveillance tapes homeowners in the area might have. It is hoped that one of these cameras may give authorities an actual face to  match with the crimes.

In a press release Crowley Chief of Police K.P. Gibson said of the crimes and the ongoing investigation,

"We have experienced 6 daytime burglaries in the historical district of town. The majority of these burglaries are occurring between 9:00 am and 4:00 pm. The main type of entry is by force either through a door or window. These burglaries have been occurring between East 2nd Street and East 8th Street, from North Ave H to Eastern Ave.
The suspects have been described as black males, believed to be 16 years of age to 21 years of age, with a thin build.

Police urge citizens to be vigilant and remind children and babysitters to keep doors and windows locked even if someone is at home. To report a crime or unusual activity contact Crowley Police by dialing 911.