It's a parents most frustrating moment, the baby is crying and you want it to stop. In most cases babies cry for specific reasons. They are usually hungry, need to be changed or they are tired. Hey that's the same reasons that I shed tears most days! This is really a sweet video. Dad does his best lullaby and the little one finally succumbs to the soothing sounds of his Father's voice.

Ahh sweet silence now takes over the house and the world is again a wonderful place. What special ways do you have to get your little ones to fall asleep? I used to take my daughter Anna and put her in the car seat and drive around the block and she would be out in no time. I also did a lot of singing with a bottle in my hand but enough about my drinking problem.

I did sing many a strange song to my kids while they took a bottle in the wee small hours of the morning. Among my favorite songs to sing were the Charlie perfume commercial, the Nair who likes short shorts commercial and the McDonald's two all beef patties jingle. Can you tell that I am a marketing guy who appreciates the great recall that a good jingle brings to a product?