There is no disease that is more cruel than Alzheimer's. The way this disease robs a person of their memories and cognitive thought is just wrong. It must be very tough for everyone associated with an Alzheimer's patient to go through. To see someone you once knew as vibrant and vital reduced to just a shell of their former being. This is a disease that must be stopped.

Treating Alzheimer's can be difficult and frustrating since the ability to predict who may or may not get the disease is not what it needs to be. However a new medical breakthrough might give doctors and researchers an edge in that predictability. As you know, catching any health issue early is the key in finding a cure. Oddly enough the key to determining a persons susceptibility to Alzheimer's could be right under our noses. The key ingredient is peanut butter.

Why peanut butter? It has to do with smell and how our brains perceive and detect smell. According to researchers that area of the brain where the sense of smell originates from is also the area of the brain that is affected the most by Alzheimer's.

The test is quite simple. It involves a spoonful of peanut butter and a ruler. The researcher covers the eyes and one nostril of the test subject. They then start sliding the peanut butter closer and closer to the subjects nose. The distance away from the nose where the subject discerns the smell of peanut butter has been found to have a relationship to the subjects potential developments of Alzheimer's symptoms.

This is just a first step but it could be a big step in treating a disease that so many families are struggling to live with. Let us hope that this is indeed a significant breakthrough and that someday all of us might remain of sound mind and sound body during all the days of our lives.