Sometimes the most simple ideas are the best ideas when it comes to Halloween costumes. There are people that love to enter and win the big money Halloween costume contests. There are those that feel the best costume is to show up as close to naked as you can within the confines of social decency and the law. Then there are costumes for kids.

The beauty of kid's costumes is the simplicity factor. That's because most kids still have full use of their imagination. To a kid, two Legos attached perpendicular to each other is an airplane. So it is no wonder that a couple of boxes covered in foil can become a robot or an old bathrobe can turn you into a vampire. This kid in this video has a Mom and Dad that get the idea of simple. They have taken the idea of having your kid be seen in the dark to a whole new level. All it takes is some dark clothes and some properly attached glow sticks and you are in business.