Most of the time when you buy your pet a toy it is very anti climactic. The pet just sits and looks at the toy. You pick up the toy and shake it in their face. They look away, you throw the toy, they ignore it. You demonstrate how to fetch the toy, pretend like its the best thing you have ever seen and finally you get bored and put the toy on the ground and walk away.

Later that night as you walk through your darkened home in your bare feet you step on something. It is cold, wet, slimy and it has a little bell inside. Your pet has been playing with the new toy. They have left it directly in the path of traffic in your home. It is now adorned with carpet fuzz, floor dirt and saliva and you have stepped right in it.

This not the case in this video, this a video of pure puppy joy. This sweet pooch has just gotten back from the vet and has been treated to five brand new toys at once. Here is your moment of  happiness for the day, enjoy.