If you have a dog chances are you have done this trick, or at least tried to teach your dog this trick. Our dog Max, the world's greatest dog, was a master of balancing a Milk-Bone on his nose. He would only eat the treat when we told him he could.

This little pup named Peanut is learning a similar trick. He has pellets of food placed on his paw and he can see the tempting treats but he is being told NO. Is this productive training or is this animal cruelty? Think about how you would feel if you had a piece of pizza placed on your hand or forehead and you had to wait to eat it? I think that would be a very unpleasant experience not to mention humiliating.

I think the TV show Family Guy did an episode on that very subject. Isn't there a better way to teach dogs how to wait? Maybe we could send them shopping with our wives, goodness knows they would learn patience or how to drink by the end of the first trip to the mall.