A lifetime ago, 70 years to be exact, a military operation that would change our world was underway. The Hitler war machine had taken its gospel of hate and prejudice and stretched its foul stench to the Atlantic beaches of France. Great Britain had been pounded by a relentless series of air raids. It was a time when hope must have seemed as far away as the coast of Louisiana. Then came June 6, 1944. It would become known as D-Day.

I am certain among those frightened yet determined young men were soldiers and sailors that called Louisiana home. They did not know what was waiting for them when those landing craft hit the beach. What they did know was they had freedom on their side. What they did shaped our country and our world in a way that no other generation could or will. They were the greatest generation.

In honor of those who served our country during that time in our history I invite you to ride with some of these incredible Americans aboard a Louisiana Honor Air Flight to our nations capitol. This piece was filmed in 2009 and I have no doubt that some of the veterans featured in this video are no longer with us on Earth. However, they spirit, their bravery and their dedication will always be a part of those call this nation home.

America may not be perfect, but she will always be worth fighting for. These men and their stories bear witness to the price that was paid so that you and I might have the life we have today. So as we remember the events of 70 years ago, let's put some faces and names to that story and remember freedom does not come without a price.